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NameShouts for Events

Lead an event where everyone’s included

Used by hundreds of
institutions, including:

Don't catch up to personalization – embody it.

Show attendees from around the world that you care about who they are and where they're going. Leave a lasting impression on your guests. It starts with names.

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Making Lists

Create a list of names to get prepared for the event in one place.

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Work Together

Bring your team together to plan and share resources ahead of time.

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Powered by the most
comprehensive database out there.

NameShouts isn’t crowd-sourced or AI-generated. We work with experts to build our database, ensuring its authenticity and accuracy - all so you can pronounce names.

Verified pronunciations from native speakers and linguists;
Hundreds of thousands of names in 20+ languages;
Audio and phonetic name pronunciations for every name.
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“[This] product has been incredibly helpful, especially with donor engagement. Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than mispronunciation.”

Josh B.  |  Donations Advisor