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The most extensive name  /pronunciation/ 
service on the Internet.

NameShouts isn’t crowd-sourced or AI-generated. We work with experts to build our database, ensuring its authenticity and accuracy — all so you can pronounce names.

Unlike any other  /solution/ available, NameShouts authenticates every name pronunciation it gets.

We maintain the highest possible standards, using a network of AI, linguistic experts and native speakers.

Names are authentic to their historic and linguistic origins
Recorded pronunciations are consistently offered at high-quality
Both audio and phonetic name pronunciations are available

Wherever you need us

Plug-ins and extensions allow you to seamlessly integrate NameShouts with whatever software you might be using for work.

See how many Shouts you have left for a given month
Pick websites you want NameShouts to work on

“Being able to use NameShouts with Hubspot would be a game-changer.”

Jonathan B. |  Business Development Executive

Making a List

Lists and Favorites let you collect and save pronunciations for when you need to access them quickly, whether for a call list, an upcoming class, or book you’re reading.

Play an entire list of names with just one click
Pin selected names to the top of the list for easy access
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And a  /whole/  lot more

We wanted NameShouts to be the comprehensive answer to the question, “How do you pronounce this name?”
Here’s what we came up with:

Invite your team - Coming Soon

Join the people you’re working with: create shared lists, pin names, and pool your access, and priority request capabilities.

Priority Name Requests - Coming Soon

Can't find a name? Priority name requests help our users get access to the names they need, as soon as possible.


Auto-detect Language

Don't know the original language of a name? You can use our deep learning solution to help you select the right one.

Accents and Dialects- Coming Soon

It turns out languages change across oceans and seas. Accents will further refine our accuracy and authenticity.