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August 28, 2021

Catch these Pokemon GO pronunciations

Saif Cheval
Saif Cheval
Marketing Lead
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Pokémon GO has taken the internet by storm in the past few weeks, but some of the names of the titular creatures can be a bit difficult to pronounce. Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise that includes several TV shows, video games, trading cards and more. Because of its origins, some of the names of "Pokémon" featured are unfamiliar, and many have adapted their own pronunciations for them. Since NameShouts is all about names, and since we're completely obsessed with Pokémon GO, we've decided to compile all 150 Pokémon featured in the game and give you their proper pronunciations, as well as their original Japanese names.Before we get started, make sure you're pronouncing Pokémon right! A lot of people are unsure about how to pronounce the word that started it all, and you might just be surprised at how it's supposed to be said. Remember, it's Pok-é-mon, not Pok-EE-mon!The full list of names will be up shortly and can be viewed in our search feature. For now, here are some Pokémon names that you might just be getting wrong.



The notorious bane of any Pokémon GO player's existence, Rattata (or the Japanese Koratta) is perhaps the worst Pokémon in existence. So bad, in fact, that no one really knows how to pronounce its name! Rattata evolves into Raticate, and both are pretty useless as far as Pokémon go. If you haven't caught this one yet, you're probably not playing the right game. But just so that you know how to curse its existence properly, click here for the real pronunciation for Rattata.



Practically the face of Pokémon, Pikachu (whose Japanese name is also Pikachu) is the beloved Electric type starter that every Pokémon GO player wants. The most famous Pikachu is, of course, Ash Ketchum's companion, whom many show-watchers love quite dearly. Pikachu can be rather hard to find in Pokémon GO, but if you want to start off with the only Pokémon in the game that has its own soundbite, you should try this trick.Here are the real pronunciations for Pikachu. Any surprises?



This Fighting type Pokémon gets pretty powerful when it evolves, especially when it grows a second set of arms. But the scrawny fighter that you may have encountered is nothing to scoff at: a Machop (Japanese: Wanriky) can be an invaluable asset against Normal types such as Snorlax or Lickitung. Next time you spot one in the wild, get its name right with NameShouts.


marowak pokemon go

The evolved form of the cute Cubone, Marowak (Japanese: Garagara) is a ground-type Pokémon with a keen sense of honor and respect. One could say that the creators of Pokémon got Marowak's name by combining marrow (from the bone this Pokemon holds) and whack (from what it does with the bone). Click here to find out how to pronounce his name in Engish and in Japanese.


[gallery ids="|" type="rectangular"]Two fighting type Pokemon with very different abilities. While Hitmonlee (Japanese: Sawamular) can run very quickly, Hitmonchan (Japanese: Ebiwalar) can punch very quickly. Hitmonchan must rest every three minutes, though, which puts a bit of a damper in his fighting capabilities. Here's how to get Hitmonlee's name right, and here's Hitmonchan.

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